About us

The story of Bunzlau Castle

Bunzlau Castle is synonymous with enjoying time at home with your family, relatives, or friends. Both ordinary and special moments ought to be celebrated with your own Bunzlau Castle collection, compiled over the years, perfectly aligned with your unique style.

Bunzlau Castle is one of the quality brands of Clip Quality Brands. This family business was established in 1984 and is based in Nijkerk.

Authentic manufacturing process

Since the start of Bunzlau Castle, ceramics have always played an important role. Along with our partner Ceramika Artystyczna Bolesławiec, we develop tableware of the highest quality. They have over 200 years of experience in the design and manufacture of the highest quality ceramics. All raw materials needed for production are sourced from the local area. As many as seven different types of clay are used and the paint is made from natural compounds. Our tableware is timeless, extremely durable, and suitable for the dishwasher, microwave and oven. This also makes it perfect for use in the hospitality industry.

Fair and sustainable production

In addition to our ceramics collection, we also design and produce textiles, glassware, cutlery and home accessories. We do this with partners from Portugal and Italy, among others, mostly family businesses driven to produce products of the highest quality with great care. Not only with care for the product, but also for their employees. The choice to produce in Europe was not always an easy one, but it was made very consciously. Only the best quality is good enough. All employees comply with European guidelines, receive a good salary and work under good conditions. The textiles are OCS certified.


The current collection consists of more than 40 different decors. These decors are selected with great care. All decors are stamped by hand and are perfect for mixing and matching. So you can create your own style. Do you go for the colourful flowers or for a graphic print, there is always something you like best. The signature blue border allows for endless combinations.

A warm welcome

Bunzlau Castle helps you enhance the warm and cosy feeling of home that you want to create for yourself and your friends and family. The glasses, towels and mugs in your cupboard say something about who you are. You have created your own unique set from the extensive Bunzlau Castle range. Your patterns, your colours, your combinations. The highest quality products, because it’s your home.

Handmade from clay to mug

Anyone who uses our cups, saucers and dishes on a daily basis will have noticed; the tableware is extremely strong. The patterns that are unique on each product are just as remarkable. How is that possible? We would like to give you a look behind the scenes.

Bunzlau Castle tableware is made by hand. Each ceramic shape passes through at least 15 pairs of hands. First, the clay is dried in moulds. Once the clay has hardened, the moulds are removed and any imperfections polished away. Each shape gets its characteristic blue border. After this, the service goes into the oven and is baked at 1250 degrees Celsius. Next, the tableware is decorated with small sponges. And details are added with a brush. The tableware is glazed and baked again. This makes it extra strong. The shapes come out of the oven shiny.

Now it is ready for use and suitable for years of enjoyment!

Watch the making process