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Home textiles

Feeling comfortable is an important part of feeling at home. Our Bunzlau Castle home textiles are made from the finest materials such as wool and 100% cotton. Within our home textiles you can find cushions, blankets and bed textiles, among other things. Our products are made in Europe and are available in many colors to match any style in any room.

Bunzlau Castle Home textiles

Bunzlau Castle home textiles have a timeless look that fits in with different living styles. Our products are made from the highest quality percal cotton and wool. You can choose from different colors and decors such as Summer breeze,Violet and Lace, all of which can be combined with each other. Our home assortment includes plaids, pillows and duvets suitable from living room, guest room, and for the outside balcony.

"Because this is home!"

We encourage everyone to discover their own style and turn a house into a warm home. "Because this is home!" We believe that people are happiest in a place where they feel completely at home. When you know that a product is made honestly, you can enjoy it much more. That is why we always chose sustainable products and place high demands on suppliers. Our bed textiles are made from Percal cotton, which gives it a soft look without the intense shine of satin. Our products have unique designs produced in Europe and can be delivered directly from stock.

Buy Bunzlau Castle plaids

Style your living room or bedroom with Bunzlau Castle products? You can! Find other products for your home, like plates, tablecloths or vases on our web shop. Via our website you can quickly and easily purchase the perfect home textiles. Looking for a gift? We also have gift cards, available from €20,- up to €150,-
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