Cereal, oats, soup or salads, whether it's for breakfast, lunch,dinner or snacks you can enjoy all your favourite meals in our collection of bowls. The ceramic tableware is dishwasher and microwave safe, also suitable for oven use.They are available in different sizes and decors to fit your personal style including Indigo, Dragonfly, Belle Fleur and Harmony.

Bunzlau Castle bowls

With there timeless look, the Bunzlau Castle bowls can be combined with different styles and be mixed and matched with many of our other products. The bowls are made of high quality ceramics and are suitable for every occasion. They come in different sizes. The bowls are ideal for serving dips, salsas, dressings, sauces, appetizers, and side dishes like olives and bruschetta and of course soups, rice dishes and many more delicious dishes.

"Because this is home!"

Bunzlau Castle encourages everyone to discover their own style and turn a house into a warm and cozy home. We believe that people are happy in a place where they feel completely at home with their loved ones."Because this is home!" At Bunzlau Castle we always chose sustainable products and place high demands on suppliers. In this way we bring joy to people worldwide with the best products for a perfectly set table. Our products have unique designs produced in Europe and can be delivered directly from stock.

Buy Bunzlau Castle bowls

Create your perfect table with beautiful Bunzlau Castle bowls. Here you will find a large range of products like tea towels,cutlery and glasses to add to your home. Shop your favourite bowl quickly and easily via our site. Looking for a gift? We also sell gift cards.
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