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Cheers! Bunzlau Castle also has Crystal glasses! A wonderful addition to you set table or just to have a glass of wine or whisky on a lazy saturday night. These beautiful glasses are hand engraved and made in Polen. Available in six unique decors which can beautifully be mix and match.

Bunzlau Castle Crystal

Bunzlau Castle Crystal is made of 24% lead, which meets the European standard for "real" crystal. Our Crystal can also be recognized by the thickness of the glass, the weight, the clarity, the well-known singing tone that comes from the glass and the decor. The glasses will stay longer beautiful when washed by hand.

"Because this is home!"

At Bunzlau Castle, we believe that people are happiest in a place where they feel completely at home together with friends and family. We encourage everyone to discover their own style and turn a house into a warm home. "Because this is home!" Our products are made with the highest quality materials and with sustainable products. This way, we can bring happiness to people worldwide with the best products for a perfectly set table. Our products have unique designs produced in Europe and can be delivered directly from stock

Buy Bunzlau Castle Crystal

Enjoy your favourite wine or champagne with friends and family, with our elegant Bunzlau Castle Crystal Glasses. Shop your favourite unique crystal glass quickly and easily via our site. We also offer Gift cards, available from €20,- up to €150,- and a large range of other beautiful products such as crockery, home textiles and kitchen textiles.
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