We attach great importance to the quality of our products and service. Do you have a question? Feel free to ask it or maybe you will find the answer in our FAQs.

Product information

How is the tableware made?

Together with our partner Ceramika Artystyczna Bolesławiec, we design and manufacture tableware of the highest quality. They have over 200 years of experience in the design and production of the highest quality ceramics. All raw materials needed for production come from the local area. As many as seven different types of clay are used and the paint is made from natural materials. The dinnerware is handmade and stamped, making each item unique. See our story.

What is a second quality item?

The second quality items are not quite perfect but are still of high quality. There is a small stamping defect or glaze flaw on the product. We cannot photograph all second quality items but you can be confident that the items are just a little more unique than usual.

How do I recognise a second quality item?

Second quality items can be identified by the orange tag, shown at the top left of the product photos. For all second quality items, this is also indicated on the product page. In addition, each item will have a green sticker by which the item can be identified. Below are three examples of how you can recognise a second quality article.

How are the products measured?

The dimensions of many of the products are measured to the edge of the product. Any product where millilitres are indicated was measured to the edge of the product. For example, in the case of the baking dish, the measurements include the handles unless a diameter is listed. The diameter of a baking dish is measured without the handles. The diameter is used to measure the open area. For a vase, the opening (measured diameter) may be smaller than the vase is wide.

Can the ceramics go into the oven, microwave and dishwasher?

Bunzlau Castle ceramics can be used in both the oven and the microwave. We do not recommend heating the ceramics above 300 degrees Celsius. This does not apply to 2nd or 4th quality items. For use in the oven or microwave, the item should not go from cold to warm too quickly. In practical terms, this means that you do not, for example, place an oven dish from the freezer straight into the oven. The dinnerware can go into the dishwasher, with the exception of the cake plates. 

Note: when using baking dishes in the oven, make sure that the food in the baking dish is spread out as much as possible, so the heat is applied evenly in the baking dish. Also, let baking dishes cool before putting them under the cold tap, this will ensure that your baking dish will last longer. 

The product I am looking for is out of stock, when will it be back?

The products we have in stock are available on the website. We regularly get a new delivery from the factory, this is then automatically updated on our website. If you are looking for a specific product we recommend contacting us at +31 085 747 00 99 to answer your question. It is not possible to reserve items.

How do I wash textiles?

Our textiles can be washed, please check the care label. The kitchen and tea towels can be washed at 60 degrees, but we recommend washing them at 40 degrees. This is better for the textile, but also for the environment. It is common for textiles to shrink after the first wash, this can be about 8-10%. We recommended washing kitchen and tea towels before first use, as this increases absorbency. The kitchen and tea towels can also go in the dryer.