The Christmas table – Give it a personal touch

The magic of Christmas is that it brings people together. Even when you don’t see or speak to each other daily, the holidays are a time to do so. It creates connection.

Lights, warmth, cosiness and presents…. As soon as the December month arrives, we slowly start preparing for Christmas. Before the Christmas rush really kicks off, here is a tip to give your Christmas table a personal touch (including a free printable).

Being together with friends and family is just that little bit more important during the holidays. A festive meal at a beautifully set table paired with good company are often the highlight of the day.

What can you do to give your guests that personal warm feeling when they join you at the Christmas table? How do you make sure they immediately feel a sense of belonging and love? I’m going to help you with this!

The basis of a beautiful Christmas table is, of course, tableware and table linen.

Start with the table linen or take a nice piece of fabric. You can choose to lay it down nice and tight or drape/rumple it over the table a bit playfully.

Once the table linen is in place, it’s time to get your tableware out of the cabinet. Secretly, it’s more practical to have your plates in the kitchen. Resist the temptation! Stack your pretty crockery nicely, it should be seen. Start with a large plate and create layers of plates and bowls. Of course keep in mind which dishes will be served.

Then it’s time for the best part, the decoration!

Place a large bowl of sand in the centre of the table and put a few candles in it. Leave enough space for extra candles.

I wanted the feeling of being together to carry through into the table styling. Therefore, as a finishing touch for your dinner table, I designed a label to attach to a candle. The text on the label is “Let’s shine together”. Click on download below to download it.

  • Print the labels
  • Cut the labels
  • Make a hole or thread a ribbon through it
  • Tie this together with a sprig of greenery or tie this together around a candle
  • Put on top of the plate

The idea of these candles is to light them together at the beginning of dinner and put them in the bowl of sand.

A nice ritual to emphasise the power of being together.

Tip 1: You can write a name on the back of the label with a golden pen. This way you can also immediately use the candles as table settings.

Tip 2: use the labels to attach to a Christmas present.

To make the table extra “Christmassy” you can put a Christmas ornament on each plate. Or how about putting a beautiful Bunzlau Christmas tree waxine light on the table? I’m in love!

Whether you put candles on the table or not I hope you will have a very warm Christmas. Let’s all also take a moment to remember those who might be alone and send them a little love and light too.

Lots of love from Fleur @liefsvanfleur