Our story

Bunzlau Castle is a brand of Clip BV, a family owned company since 1984. With a passionate team we work hard to bring you beautiful, timeless products. High quality and with a unique design. Bunzlau Castle stands for that feeling of home, spending time with friends and family. Celebrate both everyday moments and special occasions with your selection of Bunzlau Castle. A selection you have collected and curated over the years, tailored towards your own unique taste.

The Bakker family

Clip BV was founded by Henk en Tet Bakker. They choose to go against the tide and decided to produce only in Europe. Their unrelenting focus on quality, creativity and innovation resulted in countless beautiful products. Year after year the collection of Bunzlau Castle grew both in quality as it did in quantity. In 2016 their son Björn and his wife Ruchama took over the family business.


We believe that everyone deserves the feeling of home. With Bunzlau Castle we aim to create that feeling, a long-lasting sense of home and happiness. That is why we have expended our brand into a lifestyle brand. Next, to our great range of ceramics, we offer crystal glasses, kitchen textiles, cutlery, storage jars, napkins, trays, plaids, candles, cushions and even bedding. Everything in our collection are surprisingly easy to combine, to mix and match. We encourage you to find your own style and explore your own creativity to create that unique place you can truly call home. ‘Because this is home!’

Fair and sustainable

Our ceramics, our glassware, our textiles and everything else we do is produced in Europe. We work in close collaboration with our partners in Portugal, Italy, Poland and other European countries. Most of them are family business, driven to deliver the highest quality products. With great care for the environment and for their employees.

The choice to produce solely in Europe has not always been the easiest road. But we have done it deliberately because we strive for the highest quality. The proven craftsmanship from our partners is unbeatable. And all the labor is according to European standards, with good wages and working conditions.


Bunzlau Castle has its roots firmly planted in the tradition of Polish pottery. Our ceramic tableware is a key product group in our collection. Together with our partner Ceramika Artystyczna Bolesławiec, we develop our unique range of high-quality ceramics. Their craftsmanship is unmatched and based on over 200 years of experience. All the raw materials are sourced in the surrounding area. Seven different types of clay are used and the paint is made only from natural ingredients. The ceramics are timeless, durable and build to last a lifetime. Every single item is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

Exclusive distributor

Clip BV is the sole distributor for Ceramika Artystyczna Bolesławiec in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, and France. We have worked for over 25 years together and have build a solid partnership.