Tea Pot Straight 1000 ml - Flower Fountain

The Flower Fountain overflows with flowers. This design consists of beautiful dark blue flowers with light blue, curling branches. With this design you’ll dream of wandering through botanical gardens.

Collection: Flower Fountain

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This modern straight teapot from Bunzlau Castle is available in several beautiful decors. The straight teapot has a capacity of 1 litre.


You only really enjoy a delicious cup of tea when you know it's right. Our teapots are hand-stamped and checked. So your product gets the personal attention it deserves.


Top off your teapot, with one of our unique Tea Stoves. With a tea stove, your tea stays wonderfully warm and you can enjoy it even longer.

For the most fun or cosy results, you can also mix and match!

More Information

Product number 2471-2068
Material type Ceramics
Brand Bunzlau Castle
Height in cm 15.2 cm
Width in cm 18.4
Depth in cm 12.7 cm
Content 1000 ml
Made in Poland
Microwave safe Yes
Oven safe Yes
Dishwasher safe Yes
Collection Flower Fountain

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