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Fair & sustainable

All our products are produced in a fair way and made with sustainable materials

Made in Europe

All products are manufactured in Europe. A conscious choice, the shorter the distance, the less unnecessary emissions.


The tableware is hand-stamped. This makes each product unique.

Love & attention

We think personal attention is very important, so we are happy to help. We pack all orders with care and love.

Stylish outdoor tableware

Going to eat a little farther from home? Melamine can take a beating, making it a little easier to take with you!

The ideal outdoor tableware for camping, in the garden or on the boat in Bunzlau Castle style.

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Bunzlau Castle Celebration

The inspiration for these anniversary designs comes from a long history of decors, hundreds of which we have released over the years.

Just as you can tell its life story from the annual rings of a tree, Bunzlau Castle’s history is woven into these two new decors. The anniversary decors are like circles reflecting the annual rings in the trunk of a tree.

Bunzlau Castle inspiration

Celebrate with us!

This year at Clip Quality Brands we are celebrating our 40th anniversary. Especially for this we have developed two new decors.

Bunzlau Castle campine tableware

The ideal camping tableware with a touch of elegance.

Kayte Grammer loves Bunzlau Castle

Our products are loved all over the world. A real enthusiast is Kayte Grammer.

Organize your desk

 One of the most effective ways to embrace this fresh start is to clean up and organize your workspace.

Etiquette How to set the table

When you think of table etiquette, you often think of it as chic and a bit stuffy. Nowadays, it’s all allowed to be more playful.

Bunzlau Castle vases

 Here are a few tips on how we like to decorate our vases.

Bunzlau Castle dinnerware, kitchen textiles & home decorations

Whether you are looking for a nice gift for your mother, sister, grandmother, perhaps a gift for the bride and groom or your successful niece or a brother who is moving into a room, within our collection of plates, mugs or kitchen textiles there is always a suitable gift to be found. Our Farmers mug 240 ml or Tulip mug are ideal for a nice cup of tea or coffee. With a cake tip or a pastry on our cake plates, serving becomes a party. Enjoy a delicious pizza from our pizza plates. Check out our plaids or other home textiles for a warm home atmosphere.
All Bunzlau Castle dinnerware is genuine Polish pottery that is hand-stamped.

Dining with Bunzlau Castle

Enjoying the great outdoors together or dining outside with friends, in our melamine collection you will find several fun items like melamine plates, melamine bowls and handy stackable melamine cups for outdoor dining. Already have cutlery in the kitchen? Enrich your kitchen or home kitchen with a set of oven mitts. These are also very unique in the jacquard woven line. Set the table with the tablecloth in one of our recognizable decors. To match, we have a fun egg cozy for breakfast and to keep your tea warm, a matching tea cozy. Bunzlau Castle helps you enhance the warm and cozy home feeling you want to create for yourself, your friends and family. The drinking glasses and mugs in your cabinet say something about who you are. You have assembled your unique set from Bunzlau Castle’s extensive assortment. All the ceramics are hand-stamped in Poland. Your patterns, your colors, your combinations. Products of the highest quality, because it’s your home. Dinner for two or with the whole family.

Dining with Bunzlau Castle dinnerware

You can use our dinnerware for a dinner for two. Enjoy spaghetti from our pasta plates or drink a glass of wine from one of our glasses. Give a family dinner at home in the style of a restaurant. The diversity of decors means you’ll always have a uniquely set table. For example, the dinner plates 25.5 cm are ideal for the main course and the bowls and casserole dishes can go right on the table for a unique and warm contemporary atmosphere. Serve tasty tapas on our serving dishes and the small bowls are nice for serving olives, sausages or a nice piece of cheese. No tapas without a good olive oil or homemade aioli, for this we have a nice collection of small bowls and in various decors oven dishes to serve bread in.

Kitchen textiles

From farmhouse kitchens to sleekly styled kitchen islands, our textile collection has a wide range from classic plaid to animal decors such as chickens or cows towels.
The kitchen towels and tea towels are made of high quality organic cotton. Our kitchen textiles line can also be expanded with guest towels and possibly potholders and oven gloves or check out one of our soap dispensers.

Bunzlau Pottery Giftset

Looking for a lovely and sustainable gift? We have put together several gift sets for you to choose from.  With Bunzlau Castle dinnerware or kitchentextiles you always give a surprising and original gift.